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LUX:Antoine Dureau

Under the pseudonym LUX ("light" in latin) hides Antoine Dureau, a versatile creator eager to constitute a singular, coherent and engaging universe.

Born in France in 1976, he has lived between Paris, Germany,  the US (where he obtains a B.A. of Fine Arts from the School of Cinema and Television at the University of Southern California) and Spain where he resides since 2005. This nomadic lifestyle has encouraged his curiosity and shaped a unique approach.

Drawing, painting and graphic design have played a major part throughout his life but, in 2010, his artistic aspirations regained the forefront.

Between abstraction and graphic design, his work is characterized by textural complexity, vibrant colours and the relevance of his visual universe. 

Antoine Dureau lux designs living room street art


"Painting is a process through which I seek to reflect and embrace the meaningfulness -or the lack of it- that underpins our existence.

My work transgresses the boundary between the trivial and the relevant, the mainstream and the unique, and explores the (oxy)moronic relationship between Art and reality.

My inspiration dwells where Jackson Pollock and the Monty Pythons meet. I try to surprise the viewer with a detached perspective on reality, our culture, our icons and symbols, mixing elements of street art and graphic design, using reclaimed materials and DIY or construction tools as brushes on a variety of formats that bridge across decorativeness and functionality.

This very personal and somewhat playful approach abides by one straightforward principle that is that there is none. And that’s the beauty of it as long as the result is harmonious and liberating."